Ugliest Car in the world – The Nissan S Cargo and all of its imperfections

Ugliest Car in the worldUgliest Car in the world is a title that we can give to many other candidates. Surely, every single person around the globe has a different taste in many things and when it comes to cars, we are even ready to argue. So, whether this is the ugliest car in the world or not will probably remain arguable but, it won’t hurt to hear someone’s opinion on it.

The Nissan S-Cargo is a compact vehicle that, unfortunately, didn’t live up to expectations.  It’s a Japan-exclusive retro van that the Nissan manufactures from 1989 to 1992. It has a pretty quirky design. Namely, the Citroën 2CV Fourgonnette delivery van served as an inspiration for its appearance.

Ugliest Car in the world – The Nissan S Cargo and all of its imperfections

Ugliest Car in the worldThe car’s name is pretty peculiar too. S-Gargo stands for Small Cargo but, it is actually a peculiar word play. If you pronounce it fast is sounds just like “escargot”, which if French for snail. What I am trying to say is that basically, Nissan managed to produce the snail car. It is pretty ironic considering the fact that everyone are making an effort to make a fast car, while they are “snailing” things around. Some say that the pun is pretty great.

And while you are wondering about the speed of the so-called Ugliest car in the world, you might as well take a look at its name. Yes, Nissan did this intentionally.

Given its popularity, the Ugliest car in the world is pretty rare. The company made approximately 8000 units and even back then, it was available by reservation only.

In the video below, the guy that gives his opinion about the Nissan S-Cargo is actually its very owner. He tells us why the car is considered to be the ugliest car in the world and in addition, he explains why he bought it. Check out the video below!