Unforgiving Supra’s turbo cuts a man’s middle finger!

Unforgiving Supra's turboUnforgiving Supra’s turbo leaves a man without half of his middle finger.

What’s the first rule of a mechanic? Safety. As a matter of fact, that rules stands for almost anything you think of doing. ┬áIt sounds cliche but it’s true. However, even though we all know it, we somehow convince ourselves that nothing’s going to happen to us. Living in a world where danger sits at every corner, we tend to be pretty optimistic. At least when in such situations.

Unforgiving Supra’s turbo cuts a man’s middle finger

The truth is, everything can happen to anyone. Mark Hoey is just one of the many examples that we are likely to forget about when poke under the hood. He was having issues with his 1JZ-powered Supra. It wasn’t running properly- something that happens to almost any project car. Mark thought it was bad gas but to be sure, he decided to see what’s going on under the hood.

He played with the throttle for a bit and in a split of a second he was given an unwelcome surprise – something that he will never forget. The unforgiving Supra’s turbo sucked his hand in and left him with no time to react. On the way, it took off a part of one of his fingers. The video is pretty graphic but, we couldn’t look away because of the situation that led to it. Check it out!