Unfortunate Porsche hits a barrier and lands upside-down in water

Unfortunate Porsche!Unfortunate Porsche hits a barrier and flies over directly in water- now, that’s anything but a regular crash. Watching a car crashes is never fun but, when a Porsche 911 is in question it needs to be seen.

Unfortunate Porsche hits the wall and lands in water!

This all happened at the Hellendorn rally car racing event, Netherlands that’s not exactly a top-of-mind event; not many different kinds of cars and drivers can be seen racing through the local city streets there. However, thanks to the amateur video from a fan, the Hellendorn rally now is definitely getting some attention on the Internet. Harry Kleinjan, the driver of the unfortunate¬†Porsche 911 slammed into a wall at estimated 60 mph, got into the air flipping over and finally landing in water upside down. The driver was unhurt by the crash but, we can’t say the same thing for his ride. The unfortunate Porsche is totally wrecked.