This Is How The Unicorn Log Splitter Works!

The Unicorn Log Splitter is probably one of the craziest and most extreme splitter designs we have ever seen. However, it’s an amazingly simple design as well. Basically, it is a giant spinning tapered screw that a piece of wood is shoved into by hand. Then, the unicorn log splitter digs in and splits the wood.

There are many models available among which a splitter that can be attached to a tractor PTO and even one that is specifically design to be attached to a car wheel. You can attach the splitter to the lug nuts on one of the drive wheels, jack the rear axle and then put the running car in gear. That’s all you need to make it do its thing.

But although the design and using the the Unicorn log splitter seem quite simple, the tool itself is extremely dangerous. One slight mistake and you can easily be severly injured or worse. Nevertheless, the video below shows how well the splitter actually works and it’s worth watching- check it out!