Unique diesel powered Mercedes W123 – one hell of a drifter!

Unique diesel powered MercedesUnique diesel powered Mercedes! We’re not sure if we’re right but, as a drifter the most unique way to enter the series in the competitive year is to do it in a 1981 Mercedes station wagon that’s diesel powered. It’s way cooler than you think. The one who stands behind this masterpiece is Teemu Peltola, a Finish drift racer who didn’t want to go for another build-up Japanese racer instead he wanted to build a w123 wagon and…he did.

Unique diesel powered Mercedes W123!

Peltola was going for the Pro class so he made a decision to get rid of the 3.0-liter diesel and go for a 3.0-liter 24 valve diesel that he got from a ’98 Mercedes E-class. He also installed a bigger Garrett GT40 turbo (from a Scania!) that pushes 35 PSI, home-made intercooler and a diesel pump. Impressed, yet? Well, wait until you see what this machine can do when it’s unleashed. It’s the maddest wagon ever!