Universal Hovercraft has the perfect ground effect hovercraft for you!

Universal Hovercraft

Universal Hovercraft – what kind of hovercraft could that be?

Well, imagine something that is capable of going over water, land, ice and snow. It’s pretty mind-blowing but that’s exactly what the folks at Universal Hovercraft are all about. The hovercraft that Universal Hovercraft offers is a multi-purpose vehicle meant for transportation and recreation. In addition to that, their hovercraft is cost-effective and it allows you to experience the thrill of travelling in the air.

Since 1967, Universal Hovercraft has been producing hovercraft technology. Now, it has become of the largest suppliers of hovercraft kits, plans and parts in the world. They have dozens of hovercraft and scale model kits available. What’s even more amazing is that their crafts can host up to groups of 10+ people all at once.

Universal Hovercraft has the perfect ground effect hovercraft for you

Universal Hovercraft

Now, Universal Hovercraft is offering the UH-19XRW Hoverwing™ ground-effect vehicle. This is a high-performance hovercraft that features a unique ability. It can add wings for flight in ground effect. The sad part is that the UH-19XRW Hoverwing™ still isn’t available for recreational use.

This hovercraft is very useful because it allows you to fly while in ground-effect. Thus, it enables you to clear obstacles way more easily and fly over rough terrain and water at a speed of 75 mph. The craft can jump up to 20 feet so, large obstacles aren’t really a problem. Additionally, you won’t need a pilot’s license to operate it as it is registered as a boat.

Removing the wings from the  UH-19XRW Hoverwing™ is fast and easy and it takes around 10 minutes. Without them, the  UH-19XRW Hoverwing™ switches to Sport mode and is able to carry 4 to 6 passengers. Of course, here we’re talking about areas that you can’t reach in any other vehicle out there. Another advantage is that it is configurable so it can suit your needs as it should. Check it out!

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