This V10 M3 makes the most perfect sound while drifting!

v10 m3This V10 M3 makes the most perfect sound while drifting! What we have here is a BMW E46 M3 powered by V10 M5 engine, and it puts out an astounding 550HP!! The BMW E46 M3 is kind of a king when it comes to European drift cars. Since 1985 the BMW M3 series have been mesmerizing the world with their impressive performances and outstanding drifting capacity. The facts are straight, so it’s not a surprise why so many pro drifters are choosing exactly the BMW E46 M3.

This V10 M3 makes the most perfect sound while drifting!

This is not a regular M3 though, it’s a V10 M3! The front separated grill and the devil’s eyes are speaking for its nature. You can feel the true spirit of this car on the race track. It’s the undisputed champion of drag racing and drifting while spreading pure adrenaline sound. Simply said, this car is an icon with world class reputation.

What you’ll see there is an amazing BMW E46 M3 with V10 punch under the hood capable of pumping 550HP. If you are asking yourself why 550HP when the stock M3 performance of the E46 model are 333HP, check this out. It has an M5 engine swap! How cool is that? Can imagine the terror coming from the rear axle and what could this M5 V10 engine do with that lightweight E46 body?

Love it or hate it, it’s still a BMW stock engine and it’s magnificent. This car with this engine while steered by a pro drifter does miracles and you are about to see how it drifts on the curves. You will be amazed from the pure BMW V10 sound and how the engine is playing with the new body and easily makes the driver’s job difficult. Check out this insane sound!