V48 engine Kawasaki pushes the boundaries of sanity!

v48 engineV48 engine Kawasaki is a type of motorcycle that you can only see once in a lifetime. If you’d like, it’s more of a mechanic phenomenon. 

Surely, Kawasaki made some extreme motorcycles in 1970s like the H1 triple and its two-cycle power curve. But nothing really comes close to the V48 Kawasaki. This custom beast features 48 cylinders. It’s a lot to take in.

Yes, you can count 24 on each side  in an inline 8 configuration. The madman that stands behind this crazy invention is no other than Simon Whitlock. In the past, we have seen him built water-cooled, fuel injected, nitrous-fed and supercharged versions of the killer H1. The man is clearly talented and with the V48 Kawasaki he had outdone himself.

V48 engine Kawasaki pushes the boundaries of sanity

v48 engine

The transmission and the engine are close to a ton in weight. The V48 Kawasaki is using a BMW transmission. Each of the engines has its own crankshaft and they are tied together with gears that run through the transmission. The engines, of course, are cobbled together from a serious of engines pulled from a Kawasaki S1/KH250. All in all, the total displacement is 4200 cubic centimeters. Nothing to wonder about given the fact that the V48 Kawasaki has 2 exhaust systems. Yes, they are capable of making your ears bleed.

In addition, the engine also uses 75 cc pony motor serves as a starter motor and 6 Jaguar E-Type distributors. With all this taken into consideration, it’s no surprise that the V48 Kawasaki is barely rideable. The bike is pretty heavy and it takes a lot to manage it and control it. Of course, a change of pants is required after every trip.  You can see the beast in the video below. Enjoy the ride!