V8 Lexus LFA drifting alongside a wicked Toyota Crown!

v8 lexusV8 Lexus LFA drifting alongside a wicked Toyota Crown! The 690 horsepower 5.8-liter NASCAR V8-powered Lexus LFA has been turned into a drift car. The car has been widened, and the ultra high-strung Yamaha V10 has been pulled in favor of a more durable TRD V8 NASCAR motor and dogbox.

This epic mountain drift will blow your mind. While maintaining control with high balance, wheels are pointing in the opposite direction to the turn within exceeding the regular driving. This is the coolness point where dynamic and acrobatic actions are appealing the sense of viewers directly. The battle very much accounts on a driver’s skill rather than the power of machine performance. D1 Grand Prix is the competition to race for drift skill and technique!

V8 Lexus LFA drifting alongside a wicked Toyota Crown!

This V8 Lexus LFA was built by Yoichi Imamura for D1 Grand Prix duty for 2015. Youichi Imamura is a Japanese professional drifting driver, currently competing in the D1 Grand Prix series for team OTG MotorSports and Falken w/ Pentronas.

He has been competing in the D1 Grand Prix series since it began in October 2000. His best year so far was the 2003 season where he won the series title in his A’PEXi Mazda RX-7 (FD3S). After A’PEXi left the series he switched to ORC and has been working with the team to improve the performance of the Nissan Fairlady Z coming in sixth in the 2007 series.

In 2008, he switched to the newly formed team Auto Produce Boss with Potenza D-1 Project, driving their Nissan Silvia S15 which was actually Yasuyuki Kazama’s 2005 Championship car. In 2009 he won the championship in this car, making him the only two time D1 champion ever. He also has the most wins of any D1 driver with ten. Check out this mad V8 Lexus LFA drifting alongside the Toyota Crown!