V8 powered Monster Mercedes is the coolest drift machine ever

V8 powered Monster MercedesV8 powered Monster Mercedes is taken for a wild ride.
We have seen many modified cars but, what we have today on the menu is a Mercedes and a pretty neat one, indeed. This Benz is what we call a stunning ride and yet, we only talk about its appearance. It carries a tough, intimidating aura around itself when only standing still and what we’re really excited about is this Mercedes’ interior. We just love the fact that it looks so simply in the mean time it’s so amazingly classy and rally-like.

V8 powered Monster Mercedes smoking the tires

When it comes to this car’s performance, it produces 1100 HP coming from the twin turbo V8. Just wait until you see all those nice clouds of smoke and realize how easily this brutal V8 powered Monster Mercedes can kill tires. It’ll sweep you off your feet!