Valentino Rossi meets MOTOBOT and shows him how its done!

Valentino Rossi meets MOTOBOTValentino Rossi meets MOTOBOT and shows him who’s the boss.

Several months have passed since Yamaha introduced their top project “Motobot” to the world. Now, the autonomous-riding humanoid robot meets Valentino Rossi for the first time. How does Rossi react to seeing the Motobot in person? Well, you’ll have to check out the Valentino Rossi meets MOTOBOT video to find that out.

Now, robots may not be some big news, but “Motobot” is something different as it’s associated with motorsports and uses a completely new technology. However, we’ll leave that to the world of technology and just focus on the driving as “Motobot” here may be a majestic but. when compared to Rossi he still loses the battle of racing.

Valentino Rossi meets MOTOBOT and shows him how its done!

Nevertheless, Rossi wouldn’t miss the chance to meet the machine. As far as controls are concerned, the robot that Yamaha designed is doing an excellent job, yet, it needs many modifications to go through to become even better. The only big difference between “Motobot” and a human driver is that the robot can only drive a motorcycle to which outrigger wheels are attached: otherwise he will fall over when he stops.

The goal that Yamaha is trying to reach in 2017 is to make “Motobot” capable of driving at a speed of 200km/h on track. This is where Rossi jumps in and offers his helps. He goes out and shows the robot how it’s done, while providing the engineers with vital data that will help them with the progress of their project.

The ultimate goal, however, is not a total show off of how much the technology is advancing; Yamaha will eventually challenge Rossi to compete against “Motobot”. Thus, a completely new era in the world of motorcycling is to be born – check it out! Valentino Rossi meets MOTOBOT video below!