Vaughn Gittin Jr. takes his dog for a rally-style adventure in a Fiesta ST!


There’s nothing like a casual ride with a man’s best friend.
Vaughn Gitting Jr. is one of those people who drift for a living. He is a self-taught professional who we see in the Formula D series in a Ford Mustang, called the Monster Energy Nitto Tire Ford Racing Mustang. And, as most of the professional drivers, Vaughn Jr. knows how to rally, as well.
Now, we don’t know about other drivers, but Jr. seems to love his dog, Brody, very much. So, because driving alone can get pretty boring he took his buddy with him and while they were on their way home, finished with grocery shopping and everything, they felt like it’s time for a little detour. Turning a random grocery run into a rally-style adventure definitely seems to be their thing. Check out the wild action and see how Brody enjoys in their short buddy trip.