Verticopter is a unique aircraft with special abilities!

VerticopterVerticopter is a unique aircraft architecture that comes from the  privately-owned design firm called Garrow Aircraft. Needless to say, an invention like this one has been many years in the making. Thus, it has passed some critical phases when it comes to the final design, performance and benchmarking but, here it is now.

Oliver Garrow, the inventor an owner of Garrow Aircraft, said that they couldn’t be more excited about this new innovative design. He adds that the Verticopter has gone through  countless iterations and now it finally exhibits very satisfactory characteristics.

Verticopter is a unique aircraft with special abilities!

VerticopterThis aircraft features a never-seen-before aircraft configuration. This, we call a “co-axial tilt-prop flying wing”. This thing is capable of both Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) and  Short Take-Off and Landing (STOVL) operations.

In other words, the Verticopter is a convertiplane which relies on thrust vectoring. This all goes through a simple pro-tilting mechanism that Garrow Aircraft uniquely integrated at the center of the wing. Thus, it allows amazing streamlined airflow in both level-flight and vertical operations. It is surely on par with the best turboprop airplanes we’re seeing today.

Obviously, the Verticopter is a licensable product and is a highly scalable platform. It is capable of accommodating various specific missions (like unmanned and manned air surveillance, medical evacuation, and point-to-point VIP transport). It is truly an amazing piece of machinery. Check it out!