Victory RR electric motorcycle will attend the TT Zero race

Victory RR electric motorcycleVictory RR electric motorcycle – brand new with exceptionally done improvement.
Victory motorcycle is returning with the Victory racing team with something quite amazing to compete in the Isle of Man TT Zero Race. The all-new electric race bike is called the Victory RR and what’s really amazing is its development that has been happening over the past year. The Victory RR electric motorcycle has been specially made with data gathered from the last year’s TT Zero. The Victory RR electric motorcycle will be ridden by Willian Dunlop from whom it is expected to do an excellent job.
So, this means that Victory racing is entering in two of the world’s most demanding road races – the previously mentioned TT race in Europe and at the Pikes Peak in the USA.

Victory RR electric motorcycle hits the Isle of Man TT Zero race

Victory RR electric motorcycleAlex Hultgren, Director of Marketing for Victory RR electric motorcycle, says that they are pushing constantly pushing themselves in terms of performance and because the TT race is one of the most challenging motorcycle races around the globe, they enjoy the sweet taste of being able to be there.
The technology used in the development  of the Victory RR electric motorcycle will be used in the firm’s future products and the racing at Pikes Peak and TT are considered to be test beds for it.
Victory RR electric motorcycleBrian Wismann, Victory Racing’s team manager says that the gathered data of the last year race helped them to develop a new battery module and improve the powertrain. According to him, the battery is a ground-up new design that required a change in the chassis design. More performance, less cost and greater range are some of he goals that they are trying to achieve with their new machine. He also adds that the biggest difference in the battery itself is an improvement in the capacity that’s being carried on board with the bike, improvement in both overall energy as well as in the energy density.

The electric motor also received some enhancements . The Victory RR electric motorcycle motor is called Parker GVM because it was developed in partnership with Parker Hannifin. Thus, it boast a specific power of world class, producing a bit more over 170 HP from a package that 8-inches in diameter and 5-inches long. It’s not really hard to see why Victory RR electric motorcycle is so excited about the potentials of this thing, is it?

The first practice for the event that’s coming is scheduled for 3rd June and the second practice on the 6th. The race itself is on Wednesday 8th at 16:20.

Victory RR electric motorcycle