Volvo drift truck – the world’s first ever!

Volvo drift truckVolvo drift truck – unlike any truck that you’ve seen so far.

Exactly, this Volvo truck is the world’s first big machine that’s especially good in the drifting area. The one that’s behind the wheel is Marek Wartalowicz, a proffesional drifter that’s known for his BMW E21 that gets it power from a 2JZ. However, what does Marek do in his free time? He drifts even more of course. You’re right the modified drift-spec truck is very real.

Volvo drift truck gets mad!

It produces around 500 HP and it was build by the folks at STW Drift team. The number doesn’t seam much but, what if i tell you that 2500 Nm of torque is what we all to feast are eyes. Volvo drift truck video below!