Walking Bike – A weird, wooden creation that has walking back legs

Walking BikeWalking Bike! Have you noticed how we love to talk about toe off road? Well, when you think of an off-road two wheeler, you think of bigger? If you want to take your bicycle off-road, you need larger and larger tires depending on how rough the terrain gets—and that makes it harder and harder to pedal. While what you’re about to see in action is nowhere to be found off-road, it would be a shame not to mention it. Why, you ask? Well, weren’t we talking about big wheels? This is what big wheels are all about – and some weird stuff too.

As you know, the Boneshaker is the first of its kind that was powered by pedals. The bicycle was amazing and everything but, just think about the ride. It may look functional and cool but, it is obviously an uncomfortable ride by any means. Thus, that’s how it fell out of favor. The next thing that came to existence right after the Boneshaker was the penny-farthring bike. One thing is certain about this type of two-wheeler; you cannot miss it. Its trademark large front wheel with the smaller rare wheel makes it impossible to be confused with pretty much everything else.

Walking Bike – A weird, wooden creation that has walking back legs

Walking BikeThough, have you wondered what would the child of a Boneshaker and a penny-farthring bike look like? Wonder no more! This is the Walking Bike and boy, is this thing weird.

The Walking Bike is more commonly known as the Boneshaker Big Wheel. Ron Schroer is the one that’s responsible for this odd creation. According to him, he got his inspiration from the Strandbeest sculptures, courtesy of artist Theo Jansen. Though, the Walking Bike isn’t something that looks incredibly complicated as a design, it can surely turn heads like a Camaro.

Moreover, riding on the Walking bike is not rocket science either. The rider is to only pedal the walking bike to simply move forward. That’s everything one needs to do. Check it out!