Waymo is Google’s way of moving closer to self-driving cars

WaymoWaymo stands for a new way forward mobility and it depicts Google’s efforts for making the world a better place when it comes to the automotive industry. For nearly eight years they have been working towards this kind of future. This future is without drunk, tired and distracted drivers that contribute to thousand lives lost per year.

Waymo is Google’s way of moving closer to self-driving cars

That idea that pushed their boundaries grew into a company that’s called Waymo and it brings out the confidence that bringing in robot-controlled vehicles to masses is something that can happen. It addition, it’ll make it safer and easier for things and people to move around. Everybody wins.

Hopefully, this technology will be able to reshape the miles that motor vehicles travel around the world. That, of course, it a more efficient and safer way. Moreover, Waymo can contribute to many aspects than just driving around in personal vehicles. It can be useful in logistics or solving last mile problems for public transport. In the long term, self-driving technology will be useful in ways the world has yet to imagine.

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