What Is An Electric Motor And How Electric Motors Work?!

What Is An Electric MotorWhat Is An Electric Motor

An electric motor is an electrical machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The reverse of this would be the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy and is done by an electric generator.

In normal motoring mode, most electric motors operate through the interaction between an electric motor’s magnetic field and winding currents to generate force within the motor. In certain applications, such as in the transportation industry with traction motors, electric motors can operate in both motoring and generating or braking modes to also produce electrical energy from mechanical energy.

What Is An Electric Motor And How Does Electric Motors Work?!

Electric motors have proved themselves to be among the greatest inventions of all time. The basic idea of an electric motor is really simple: you put electricity into it at one end and an axle rotates at the other end giving you the power to drive a machine of some kind. How does this work in practice? Exactly how do your convert electricity into movement? To find the answer to that, check out the video below!

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