What went on at 2015 Fitted Lifestyle in Toronto?


This year, Fitted Lifestyle proved again to be one successful event and for many, it might have even served as a season opener. Those folks who are more interested in what’s happening under the hood and stunning performance may have a comment or two considering Fitted, but the aesthetic-first car modification is far from new. Like it or not, there are builders who are willing to make few performance sacrifices because of their eye for style.

However, the fact that this event grows bigger and better each year is really just awesome. In this 6h running it brought a higher caliber of quality cars, in fact, many of them, for every attendant to find its favorite, or maybe even more than one.  The venue yields quality inside as well as outside and Fitted Lifestyle is definitely one of ours top 3 events when it comes to captivating rides.

Of course, the main attraction of this event is always inside the two halls and as we can see there were a lot of cars to be seen there. Old favorites could be seen redone as much as numerous first time shown cars. This is the after movie: