When drifting a TANK goes wrong!


Drifting a tank?! Tanks are definitely one of those things that are not meant to go sideways. The 42-tons giants were designed for a whole other purpose but, Russians, apparently, don’t’ mind that fact.

You’re probably wondering why tanks are drifting around like maniacs in a video in which you hear the Russian language and that’s titled in Russian. Well, you probably have no idea that they hold a Tank Biathlon once a year. Well, sure they do. So, what the Kuwaiti tank driver was doing is practicing for the International Championship. He took his T-71 military vehicle, which weights 42 ton, a bit too fast and he and the tank flipped over, rolled on the back, and ended up on the side. The crew inside suffered only minor injuries and this beast was hardly even damaged. Well, it’s a tank.