When extreme hauling doesn’t go as planned!

extreme haulingExtreme hauling

Fail alert! This is what happens when extreme hauling doesn’t go as planned! We all know that heavy machinery is very hard to control. When you have a heavy load on the back of the truck, things can get pretty nasty. That’s exactly what happened in the video below. The driver should have pressed the breaks on the way down but he didn’t and caused a huge crash.

When extreme hauling doesn’t go as planned!

Keeping minimal speed is also an essential part in these kinds of situations because it allows you to control your movement. In addition, the tires might have something to do with the horrible ending. These tires usually have a low grip on dirt road. Another interesting thing in the video is the reaction of the second driver. He obviously panicked and decided to jump out of the truck instead of braking. Check out the video and tell us what you think about it!

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