Where are Subarus made and what is their story about?!?

where are subarus madeWhere are Subarus made ?

Recently, we have all been going crazy for Subarus but, few of us have ever wondered where are Subarus made. Well, currently, Subaru has two manufacturing places. The first and foremost is located in Gunma, Japan. There, the Subaru parent Fuji Heavy Industries are building the Subaru Impreza. However, Subarus are also being build here in the U.S.

So where are Subarus made in the U.S? The place is called Lafayette and it is in Indiana. That’s right, the folks that work there provide us with the latest models of the Subarus.  Due to the company’s record-breaking success, they though that it would be great if they had manufacturing places here, so they built one.

Where are Subarus made and what is their story about?

where are subarus madeThe Subaru of Indiana has a lot of employees and it is one of the greatest factory in the States. The difference between the one in Indiana and the one in Japan we can find in the models they build. Most of the models are, of course, also build here but, the Subaru that they build there are more in number.

Be that as it may, the Subaru of Indiana has a lot to brag about. Its original name is Subaru of Indiana Automotive or SIA and, officially, it is an automobile assembly plant. They formed it by joining Isuzu Motors Ltd. and FHI subsidiary Subaru. The SIA has achieved great success since then and workers there have been building great models.

Not only are they building great models but, they are also making 600 cars a day. That is without producing garbage. How is that even possible? Well, being a zero landfill is a great responsibility and they do it well.  Check out their great work story in the video below!