White and pink smoke tire is Toyota Supra’s work of art!

White and pink smokeWhite and pink smoke – Here’s a special kind of Toyota Supra that has quite distinctive exterior.┬áSaint Petersburg was the home of the Royal Auto Show event in 2013 for the 3rd time. The venue for the auto show area took place around the stadium Petrovsky and the organizers managed to gather two hundred owners of motorcycles and cars.

White and pink smoke tire is Toyota Supra‘s work of art!

However, one particular ride caught the attention of many people who attended this even, a mean-looking Toyota Supra. Felix, who is a member of the Evil Empire drift team, not only made sure that everyone are staring at his ride but also made sure that they’ll never forget his presentation. Judging by all those tire-marks we could say that the drifters and drivers really had a good time there so, we hope that you’ll enjoy the most memorable part of the show, the White and pink smoke tire!