Why is the WRC so awesome?!?


Speed, crazy cars, racing, action that goes beyond imaginable? Just bring it on! Of course, that’s what the WRC is all about, the so craved adrenaline rush that you get even from watching the action and let’s not talk about those who are really into building cars- they get the double treat. Sure, these cars are based on standard road cars and are pretty identifiable however, that’s where similarity cease to exist.

World Racing Cars are firstly stripped to bare metal and get complete rebuilt. Moreover, these rides are just capable of achievements on surfaces like pot-holed dirt tracks and rocky paths to narrow and twisty asphalt lanes. They even do epic things on roads that are covered in ice and snow. So, yes, they do maintain peak performance even when the temperature reaches -30C and just continue to go with the flow in the next round at 30C. Yes, we love the WRC!