Man on prescription drugs wrecks two police cars with a Chevy Blazer, and escapes the scene!!


image of police cars being smahed

The following footage was taken at Salt Spring Island, which is one of the Gulf Islands in the strait of Georgia between mainland British Columbia, Canada and Vancouver Island. A mentally ill man, who was on heavy prescription drugs wrecks two police cars with a Chevy Blazer, which is supposedly stolen, and then escapes the scene!!┬áHe was driving the 4×4 Chevy Blazer when the police wanted to pull him over for a routine road check. He attempted to avoid the checkpoint and when the officers approached the SUV they opened the door, but the driver somehow managed to shut the door and locked himself in the car.

The officers tried to smash the window but then he reversed back and hit the police car. Then he went forward and smashed the other police car. So, in seconds, he succeeded to wreck not one, but two police cars. Since he is mentally ill, he didn’t have problem escaping the cops. He managed to escape and after a while the Chevy Blazer was found upside-down in a ditch. Too bad for everything.. We can just hope that the Chevy is not harmed and was returned to its owner, and that the system takes better care for patients like this. Check out this dramatic situation!