Epic 1975 XB Fairmont coupe found in a barn in Australia!

XB Fairmont coupeEpic 1975 XB Fairmont coupe found in a barn in Australia! This short video shows the first photos, start up, and load of a XB Fairmont Coupe in the Australian Outback. This 1975 ‘Walnut Glow’ XB Fairmont has been hidden in its shed for over 21 years, and is finally seeing the light of day. A cherished family heirloom, that now has the chance to pass into the hands of a new caretaker. Who wouldn’t want this beauty in their collection!

1975 XB Fairmont coupe!

1975 XB Fairmont coupe

These cars are very rare and the XB Fairmont coupe was a great achiever for Ford. It was the first locally produced vehicle to offer power-assisted front disc brakes as standard items, the horn and high/low beam headlights integrated into the turn signal and color coded bumpers on the GT. There was a new front end treatment consisting of new bumper, bonnet, grille and fenders. There were a total of 211,971 XB’s produced between October, 1973 and June, 1976.

This car was the most popular on US market out of all Aussie cars ever. Was it because Mad Max’ Interceptor was built out of one of these? Could be. Check out this awesome barn find!