XP1K3 RJ Anderson – For insane off road shenanigans!!!

XP1K3XP1K3 RJ Anderson is known for his fearless action and the third installment of the XP1K franchise won’t make you change your mind about that one.

XP1K3 is all about a turbo-powered, full throttle, mind-blowing off-road action. High speed drifts, massive jumps and everything else that you can imagine in the post-apocalyptic dystopian decay of train yards, old factories and abandoned steel mills. Of course, there are massive man-made obstacles everywhere that RJ Anderson fearlessly attacks.

XP1K3 RJ Anderson goes wild!

No safety wires and no airbags to jump into- these are pretty challenging stunts to say the least. However, RJ did all of it for real with the one machine that you can actually do something like this- an RZR.