Y2K motorcycle with turboshaft engine-It’s a bike but also a jet!

Y2K motorcycleY2K motorcycle is more commonly known as the MTT Y2K Turbine Motorcycle. This is a non-production motorcycle that’s powered by a turboshaft engine. This means that it’s a superbike with an engine that usually powers helicopter. Let the fun begin.

The head of this project was Christian Travert, a former custom builder and a bike racer. The early models had a Rolls-Royce-Allison Model 250-C18 gas turbine that produced 320 shp. However, the engine that powers this motorcycle doesn’t provide thrust to push the bike but, drivers the rear wheel instead. For that, it uses a two-speed gearbox, sprocket and chain.

Y2K motorcycle with turboshaft engine-It’s a bike but also a jet!

Y2K motorcycleIf you want to get your hands on a Y2K motorcycle, you’ll have to order it. The company produces these motorcycle on demand only and that’s not really surprising, to say the least.

The turbines in a Y2K motorcycle are second’handed. When they reach the US FAA-mandated running time limit, they must be rebuilt, no matter the condition they are in. Of course, the company refurbishes the engine in the Y2K motorcycle. In addition, it extends a long term warranty when purchasing a Y2K motorcycle.
The funny thing is that it doesn’t require jet fuel to be on its way. Instead, the bike is fueled with kerosene, diesel and Bio-Fuel. According to those who have tried them, the results are excellent.

The legendary Jay Leno also owns a Y2K Motorcycle. He says that the bike is fun because it doesn’t really scares him to death but, it’s awesome. Moreover, he believed this bike is a great way of shutting up the Harley guys. Not that we don’t like Harley. But, that’s what Leno thinks. You can check out the video below and see if you like it. You can’t deny that it’s powerful, though.

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