Yamaha R1 Squid embarrasses himself by failing a burnout!!!

Yamaha R1 SquidYamaha R1 Squid – they sure know how to make themselves look funny and not in a good way.

What’s a squid may be difficult to explain, though it has a ” you know it when you see it quality” and this right here, in the video below, is an example of such. So, behold the creature in its natural habitat. A Yamaha R1 Squid is a bike rider who revs his engine to get the attention of the female version of the species, which is to some extend totally ‘abusive’; however, what’s really characteristic about it is that a typical squid doesn’t wear any protection. Who thinks that shorts are the proper choice when going biking? But, that’s what they just do.

Yamaha R1 Squid embarrasses himself by failing a burnout

This Yamaha R1 Squid was moments away from losing control, laying his bike on a car standing next to him. What’s really fortunate about the situation is that his knee broke the fall. Check it out!