Yamaha R1 vs BMW M5 racing on the highway!

Yamaha R1 VS BMW M5Yamaha R1 vs BMW M5 – another bike vs. car race.

Until now, we’ve seen a lot of insane illegal races on the streets and though illegal, they are happening all over the globe. We haven’t find a place in the world where there are no illegal races going on and while it is extremely dangerous and we’re not saying you should do it, the tradition is still being kept well. One of the types of races that are more favored than others is the good old car vs. bike race. The debate that people could have over this kind of a race is endless and quite exhausting. Thus, we’re not going to get into it.

Yamaha R1 vs BMW M5 racing on the highway!

However, seeing a Yamaha R1 vs BMW M5 battle it out on the highway is pretty cool and satisfying. Why? Well, these machines aren’t anything if not fast! Because we’re all pretty familiar with what a Yamaha R1 VS BMW M5 are capable of doing, you’d think that the R1 would probably take the glory as easy as pie. But, this is one of the rare times when an M5 can proudly take the victory as the R1 is practically struggling to even get close to it, let alone pass it by. The weight and the wind resistance are probably the main factors that need to be taken into consideration if you’re trying to figure out why is this happening.¬†Yamaha R1 VS BMW M5 video below!