Yamaha Road Star Warrior 1700 is one notorious machine

Yamaha Road Star WarriorYamaha Road Star Warrior 1700 -a bike to fall for.

If you’re a fan of Yamaha Road Star first edition, chances are, you’ll love this one too. This video was uploaded on the official YouTube channel and if we take into consideration the views and the like button, then this is one famous and wanted ride.

Yamaha Road Star Warrior 1700 is one notorious machine

The Yamaha Road Star standard Road Star power plant was exhausted out to sixteen-seventy cc, bounced to support the force and painted in dark color. Who doesn’t like a dark mean-looking Yamaha? Nevertheless, this Yamaha Road Star Warrior was well though-through. Creators and architects started off with a perfect sheet of paper on which they drew this ride in several different segments. The Yamaha Road Star Warrior was supposed to be represent something special that can draw attention of anyone and anything. Is the goal achieved? Well, it all depends on people’s taste in bikes but, if you ask me, I won’t miss an opportunity to hop on this bike and give it a go.

Compared to its ancestor, the Yamaha Warrior 1700 has tires that are 13 pounds lighter as well as a lighter back. Yamaha Road Star Warrior video below!