Yarrow Mazzetti and his unique art cars collection!!!

Yarrow MazzettiYarrow Mazzetti! Brooklyn car artist Yarrow Mazzetti is selling $100,000 space-age car art vehicles using tanks, golf carts and also some car parts. He is turning the “art car” phenomenon of the funky desert art festival Burning Man into big business here. — and the outlandish Burning Man-style sculpted vehicles that he creates in his Williamsburg garage are turning heads around the city.

Yarrow Mazzetti and his unique art cars collection!!!

Yarrow Mazzetti is a maker whose favorite activity is taking a blank canvas and transforming it into an awe-inspiring spectacle. His creations include everything from art cars and customized adult playgrounds to unique furniture and architectural designs. In 2012, after having built multiple one of a kind art cars. – Yarrow decided was inspired to create an entire fleet. – known today as The Lady Buggies. 15 in total, The Lady Buggies have accomplished a lot in their one year of existence – including participation in Burning Man, Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival. Lightning In A Bottle and many more.

Of course, he drives one of his own eye-catching creations. – the Overkill 1997 Lincoln Town car limo. This limo is really crazy and it’s the center of attention everywhere it goes! Check it out!