Youngest Drifter In The World – Stavros Grills!!!

Youngest Drifter In The World

Youngest Drifter In The World – 13 year old Stavros Grills is way cooler than yourself at 13, isn’t he?

If you’re a parent who wants a child that will be the next Ken Block, then you probably should start considering moving to Greece. Apparently there, they start them off pretty young to say the least. Such an example is Stavros Grills from the Greek isle of Kos,  a 13 year old boy the Youngest Drifter In The World who got himself in the King of Europe Drift Pro Series at the age of 10 along with a turbo-charged BMW E30.

Stavros the Youngest Drifter In The World started out as a 4-year old go-kart driver. His first car was honda civic and he got that one only at the age of 5. When he started making handbrake turns it was obvious that things would go on another level. Then, he got a Mazda 303 at the age of 7 when he started drifting more seriously. His first try-out with his father’s BMW E30 was on a rainy day, on a slippery road and the kid of course, owned it- this is the point where you just know that he just has it in him.

Youngest Drifter In The World – 13 year old Stavros Grills is already a better drifter than you

It’s amazing to see how he gets a 1-ton BMW 3-Series E30 around the course at awesome speed, handling it like a boss. We don’t know if he is the world’s youngest drifter on the scene for sure but, one thing is certain- he is surely having the time of his life. This is the Youngest Drifter In The World Stavros Grills story: