What Is Friction Welding And How Does It Work?!?

Friction Welding

Friction welding has been used to weld parts to make new or repair for many decades. The friction welding family of processes offers many different variants, including linear friction welding, rotary friction welding and friction stir welding. Though all of these processes differ in one way, they all have one purpose and work similarly. In each case, friction heats the given

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Will a rocket sled be able to obliterate a car? – Mythbusters

rocket sled

Rocket sled is what Mythbusters chose to use for one of their “experiments” so to unveil a myth. In this episode of Mythbusters, they re-visit a myth a quite peculiar myth. According to it, if two tractor trailers simultaneously collide with opposite ends while there is a car between them, (at a high speed!) the carnage will cause the two

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Waymo is Google’s way of moving closer to self-driving cars


Waymo stands for a new way forward mobility and it depicts Google’s efforts for making the world a better place when it comes to the automotive industry. For nearly eight years they have been working towards this kind of future. This future is without drunk, tired and distracted drivers that contribute to thousand lives lost per year. Waymo is Google’s

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Chain Breaks While Loading Heavy Equipment On a Cargo Ship!

Loading Heavy Equipment

Loading Heavy Equipment This was a close call. Honestly, the moment a saw those tiny chains, i knew something was not right. Lifting a heavy equipment like this truck chassis is always dangerous, that’s why the crane operators have a huge responsibility. Chain Breaks While Loading Heavy Equipment On a Cargo Ship! But in the video below, the least blame goes to

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